Terms and conditions


Culinaris webshop is an online shopping site designed for the fans and enthusiasts of quality food items. This site allows customers in the countryside to have access to the excellent Culinaris products. This webshop serves retail customers (persons and companies). If you are a wholesale partner (shop or restaurant), please visit our wholesale webshop at nagyker.culinaris.hu.

Registration is required to place orders on this site. Registration allows the users to track their shopping, mark their favourite products and store their personal data. The registration button is in the upper right corner of the site, where you have to provide partner data, delivery and invoicing address and contact details. One email address can used for one registration only.

A confirmation email is sent to the email address given at the registration, you have to click the link presented in this email and confirm the registration. After that, the user account is active and the registration is live.


Our registered users can enter after clicking Enter in the right corner and presenting their username and password. Then the users can modify their data and track their previous orders.

If you are a registered user and forgot your password, click on the [I forgot my password] button present you email address used for the registration, where we send the further details of regaining your password.

Our webshop can fulfil those orders only, that have valid delivery address and contact information.


You as a user/visitor have the option to add items to cart without registration, but the order can be placed only after registration. Furthermore, if you add items to cart without entering the webshop, your items will be lost after you leave the site. We kindly ask you to register before shopping in order to make the process more convenient.

Webshop categories can be found after clicking on ‘Webshop’ button in the main menu, the categories are presented right below the main menu.

Thousands of products can be found in the webshop, the stock changes and is refreshed continuously. The main site contains our highlighted products.

The products are categorised into main and sub categories, these are presented right below the main menu line, and help you find your way among the many, many products. You may browse all products in one main category by clicking on the name of the category. You may access the individual product sites from the category sites. All product photos have a little star in the upper left corner; by clicking that you may add that item to your favourites. This list can be tracked in your personal data.

Furthermore, labels are attached to the products; these also help to guide you among the products.

You may apply direct search on the site, this way you get the exact product with one easy step. The keyword is searched in every aspect of the product, the description, the ingredients and the company description.

If you browse the items of a category or a search, you have the option to add items to cart directly from this site, by clicking on the red cart icon in the down right corner of the picture. This does not apply for fresh deli products, where you have to set the amount first, and then add to cart, these items have a red scale icon instead of the cart icon.

You may comment or send the product site in email and you can also recommend or like the product with your Facebook account. These additional social applications allow you to form opinion about a product, or share your favourite ones with your friends.

If you wish to purchase dry goods you have to indicate the desired number on top of the product site, then click the red cart icon to actually add the product to cart. After adding your first item, the status of your cart can be tracked in the upper right corner.

You may find fresh products in our webshop. These are placed in the Fresh products category and obviously require cooling or freezing. The products of some categories are only available for customers in Budapest and the suburbs because these products would presumably suffer such quality damage during the delivery to the countryside, which would limit or make impossible their proper use. As the Culinaris team is committed to excellence this is a risk we do not wish to undertake. These products are labelled with a coloured “Budapest only” logo. 

Some of the fresh products, mainly cheese, ham and antipasti are offered from the deli counter, in a quantity of your choice. In order to make your shopping easy and convenient, we set order intervals for these items, which means, you may place orders for about 10dkg or more. As the cut and measure for these products is not exact science, +/- 3dkg difference may occur compared to the quantity you order, eg.: 10dkg order is 13dkg, or 20dkg order is 18 dkg. The final amount of the order will change accordingly, it is almost certain that it will differ from the amount indicated in the webshop.

You may order cold platters, small and big sandwiches in our webshop, these products can be found in the ‘Cold platter’ and ‘Sandwiches’, and are available in Budapest only. You may find separate information site about the platters and the sandwiches, and contact details, should you decide to order these items in person.

Culinaris Kft. reserves the right of price change.


If you finished shopping in the webshop, you may order the chosen items by clicking on the ‘Cart’ icon on the right side, and starting the process of finalising your order.

1. Checking the content of the cart

You may see your items selected for order in one sheet. This site allows you to change quantity or remove items from you cart. The content of the cart is refreshed immediately after items are removed. If you decide to continue shopping, you just have to go back to the categories.

2. Choosing delivery address

We kindly ask you to choose your delivery address where you would like to receive the order. If you choose a country address, but you have ‘Budapest only’ items in your cart, you cannot advance from this step until you remove these items from your cart.

3. Choosing payment method and delivery time

You are asked to choose a convenient payment method according to your selected delivery address. Payment of the order has to be made in advance, prior to shipping. Payments may be made either in the form of  bank transfer or via our mobile application.

If you order outside of Budapest, you may pay the order at the delivery person (cash on delivery). If you order in Budapest or the suburbs, you may pay in cash on delivery, or credit card on delivery; our drivers are equipped with POS terminals.

Culinaris delivers with own cars to the following townships: Budapest, Budaörs, Budakeszi, Budajenő, Budakalász, Gyömrő, Gyál, Nagykovácsi, Pomáz, Solymár, Remeteszőlős, Telki, Törökbálint, Üllő, Vecsés, Ecser, Érd.

Places not listed above are served with a contracted delivery partner.

You may find detailed information about delivery times here (delivery method link).

4. Summary

Here you have the chance to check the details of the order. You can add comments to the order (VAT invoice). You can place the order by clicking the ‘Confirm order’. You will receive a detailed email to your address right after placing the order, and the system forwards that to Culinaris as well.

We can issue a VAT invoice about the order, but only upon request. Please indicate this when you finalise your order.

5. Confirmation

This step shows you the details of the set order, you may print this page to have your detailed order at hand if necessary.

Our colleagues check the availability of every ordered item shortly after the order. If everything is set, you will receive a non-automatic actual confirmation to you email address. The details of the order cannot be modified after this confirmation. If some items are unavailable, our colleagues contact you via phone to discuss possible replacement items.


If you are dissatisfied with any element of the service provided by Culinaris webshop, you may file your complaint at webshop@culinaris.hu or 0036 1 345 0786. Our phone customer service is at your disposal between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The complaints sent in email will be answered by our colleagues as soon as possible, but within 24 hours at the latest.

Terms and conditions are available in Hungarian at the registration or at this link.