Mill & Mortar bio vörösáfonya és mandula 100g
Mill & Mortar bio vörösáfonya és mandula 100g
3 499 Ft
Egységár: 34 990 Ft / kg

Mill & Mortar bio vörösáfonya és mandula 100g

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3 499 Ft
Egységár: 34 990 Ft / kg

Ezeket a ropogós spanyol mandulákat vörösáfonyával párosítják, ami csodálatosan friss ízt ad.

Részletes leírás és specifikáció
Ingyenes szállítás Budapestre 15.000 kosárérték felett!


The purpose of Mill & Mortar in all its simplicity is to tell the many amazing stories about spices and to provide the inspiration and the ingredients to spice up your food. We select most of our spices according to a principle we call ‘Product of Origin’, which means we are looking for:

1. Spices that look, smell and taste like when they were harvested.
2. Spices with an origin. We know when and how they are grown and harvested. We like to ensure that the process is sustainable; that the resources of the soil are not depleted, and that humans, animals or other ecosystems remain unharmed.
3. Unique products that can tell a story about people who work hard to create something unique.

The quality of the spice is paramount – we want our consumers to be inspired to use raw, organic products that enrich their lifestyle while looking good on the kitchen shelf.


mandula* 50%, mazsola* 50% (zöld, sötét és szultána*, napraforgóolaj*). *= bio összetevők



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Fogyaszthatod snackként, de például süti mixekbe, süteménytésztába is keverheted.

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