Gouda young (6-8 weeks)
Gouda young (6-8 weeks)

Gouda young (6-8 weeks)

549 Ft

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the product Young raw milk Dutch gouda cheese matured for 6-8 weeks. It has a smooth, but characteristic flavour, it is excellent for sandwiches. Farm cheese is a pure, natural product that is being made of raw, non-pasteurized milk. The use of raw milk provides the cheese with it's own characteristics, varying each season. Besides this, the natural maturing process ensures a special aroma. Because of this you will never get bored of the taste of real farm cheese.
about us: Lindenhoff is a family farm-company, located in the `green hart of Holland`. It is runned by two brothers, Berend and Willem Te Voortwis, who took over the company in 2004 from their father. The company is specialised in import- and export of cheese, dairy, vegetables and meat of the highest quality imaginable. Lindenhoff chooses for authentic products prepared according to traditional methods. The products originate from well-considered, responsible clean agriculture where respect for nature is leading. Purity of ingredients and a careful and honest production process are requirements. Lindenhoff BV selects only the highest quality farm cheese for export. Although cooperative farmers work hard day in and day out to be able to keep guaranteeing the quality of their cheese, only after the cheese makes it through the strict selection, will it be provided with the Lindenhoff label 'Farm Cheese' (in Dutch: Boerenkaas).
ingredients: milk, salt, rennet
packaging size: 1 dkg
unit price: 5,490 Ft/kg
VAT: 18%
item number: 002273
tags: gouda, young, Lindenhoff,
pcs / case: 1

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